53 minutes | Feb 11th 2018

Episode 34 - Kingdom Women with Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph: Unscripted Conversations on Life and Faith

Jo Saxton and Steph Williams O'Brien join us in this episode to discuss what it's like to be a woman in God's Kingdom in 2018. What did God have in mind when He created women? What are the possible negative consequences when women are left out of the conversation?

Kayla Craig leads a discussion with co-hosts Shannon Evans and Lynsy Wallace. Guest hosts Jo Saxton and Steph Williams O’Brien are co-hosts of the popular podcast, Lead Stories (@leadstoriespodcast)!

In this episode, we: • learn about the true definition of (and Biblical roots of) ezer; • talk about how we can realize our full potential -- and the ways we sometimes stunt ourselves; • share our Enneagram numbers (hint: we share the same number!) and discuss how our tendencies can influence how we act; • get real about vulnerability, weakness, and channeling our passions; • share the women who inspire us on our faith journeys; • delve into the #metoo movement; • and answer a listener's question about the "f" word -- feminism. Join us for a conversation on being kingdom women -- and stick around for our new segment, "Hold My Earrings."

Recommended reading & resources: "The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For" by Jo Saxton leadstoriesmedia.com

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