32 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

Why Salon Owners Should Stop Prioritising “Being Busy” Over Growing

Why Salon Owners should stop prioritising being busy over Growing a salon....

Most Salon Owners I work with come to me at a point when they are overwhelmed, over-committed... and either they personally, or their business, is suffering as a result. 

The business is getting away from them, they feel on edge all the time or are having team challenges.

It’s not because they don’t LOVE their business, in fact they are uber passionate about growing their business! It’s because they’re LOST in a sea of ‘busyness’...

And I think there is a super simple reason why … HINT: it’s got nothing to do with business tactics or strategies.

Listen in to this episode to find out how to know if you're prioritising being busy over actually growing your business.

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