31 minutes | Jul 15th 2020

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Do you ever click onto Facebook or Instagram and spontaneously post a before & after photo… just because it seems like the sort of thing you ‘should’ be doing?

You don’t really put much thought into the post or caption… because you’re not actually sure what the thought behind the post even is in the first place… right?!

So many Salon Owners that I know do exactly this. They vaguely know the outcome they want to achieve from Social Media in general, but they aren’t thinking about the outcome they want to achieve from each post. 

And this is where so many Owners tend to go wrong. 

Posting ‘just for the sake of it’ will not help you build an engaged following online, because, well, there’s basically nothing to engage with! What you need to start thinking about is goal-oriented Marketing.

In this episode, I'm joined by Jenny Eastwood. Jenny is a freelance creative copywriter and Salon Marketing expert! Today we’ll chat about why you need to be talking directly to your ideal clients in your posts… considering what your clients want to see, adding value and actually thinking:

“What outcome do I want to achieve from this post?”

“So then… how can I make this outcome happen from this post?”

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