25 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

How to Re-Vamp Your Salon Marketing in 2021

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Long gone are the days where perfection was the key to success on Social Media.

Given the tumultuous year we’ve all experienced together, I think it’s especially evident now, more than ever, that what people are craving on Social Media is raw, human connection. 

But I know that can be easier said than done! That’s why today, I’ve brought in Salon Social Media expert Britt Seva to share her knowledge.

Britt and I will chat all about how you can turn your Social Media around in 2021 and really start to gain some traction. We’ll share our opinion on how you can best achieve results on Socials, as well as discuss why the glitz and glam just doesn’t work on socials.

Tune into this episode, to hear all our best advice.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 
  1. The real reason you're Social Media Posts aren't performing like you'd hoped
  2. The truth about Marketing Success- what so many people are missing
  3. The 1 thing you should never overlook when promoting online


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