27 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Spark of Magic: An Intimate Journey with. Susan B. Anthony and Cady Staton Part II

Women Rights heroine Elizabeth Cady Stanton describes her meeting with Susan B.  Anthony as "a magic spark."  Dr. Ann Gordon,  shares a two-part intimate journey with Stanton and Anthony that includes traditions from their upbringing, political philosophies and the role of family and friendships in their advocacy for women's rights. Gordon provides a lens into the lives of these two historical giants through the art  of the historian's craft, as she tells stories from the volumes of The Selected Papers of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton,  edited by Ann Gordon and published by Rutgers University Press.Paft II: We hear more in-depth stories about the dynamic duo's voting rights philosophies on the benefit of federal laws v. state mandates, their foodways, including a meaningful great cup of coffee and mishap marmalade, their thoughts on honoring elders and the importance of next generations knowing history. We also  journey to Tenafly, New Jersey, Stanton's home.
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