36 minutes | May 6th 2020

Know Yourself Deeply with Human Design and Gene Keys with Mazarine Treyz

Today my guest is Mazarine treyz who is an expert in Human Design and the Gene Keys.

She helps leaders become more effective in their work through the utilization of their unique design. In addition, Mazarine co-founded a nonprofit, worked as a fundraising consultant, partnered and contracted with National Small Business Administration and the City of Austin, Texas.

I suggest downloading your free Hologentic Profile and Human Design chart before listening to the episode so that you can get the most out of it. 


  • How the Gene Keys are different from Human Design and how they can work together.
  • Mazarine explains the different components of your Hologenetic Profile (Gene Keys): Activation, Venus, and Pearl sequences
  • What is made possible in your life when you become aware of your own unique Human Design and Gene Keys. 
  • What your Hologenetic Profile can teach you about your life's purpose

Please check out Mazarine thru her website and follow her on instagram

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