29 minutes | Jun 4, 2020

Ep 25 4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

This week's episode, I am giving you 4 things you can start doing to simplify you life. I share why I think we all need to slow down and simplify and what my life looks like since starting to simplify.Cheers!.....  Hey Mama Friends!I hope you are enjoying the weekend and are doing some fun things ( even if it is social distancing style). Just another weekend here, but we are enjoying spending time outside now that mother nature decided it might be summer. What’s new:I am working on the launch of Mindset Coaching for Moms. What does that mean? Ask yourself these questions. ~Are you tired of feeling like you’re failing as a parent.~Do you wish you had more patience and didn’t lose your temper so easily on everyone you love? ~Do you want to feel more confident in your parenting decisions and wish you would stop letting those judgy comments and unsolicited advice affect you? If you answered yes, but have no idea where to start, let’s work together! I know you are an amazing mom and we can bring that side of you out. Email me at unwinedmama@gmail.com or DM on IG or facebook to book your spot! If you want to be featured in a "Mom Chat Monday" episode, email me at unwinedmama@gmail.com or visit my website www.unwinedmama.com and fill out the contact form.Subscribe to my website www.unwinedmama.com to receive your FREE anti-stress roadmap as well as my Meal Planning and Grocery List Template and to stay up to date with my weekly newsletter.Join the unWINEd MAMA community on FB! https://linktr.ee/unWINEdMAMAFollow me on Instagram: @sarahsevera Follow me on YouTube: Sarah Severa
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