64 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Karl Fraunhofer

In this episode of UNTS podcast, we meet Oslo, Norway-based producer, and DJ Fraunhofer! Karl Fraunhofer is fluent in the languages of machine music. He’s a synth whisperer, a savant in the studio and a pretender across electronic music genres. From his first productions, which touched on the hedonistic heights of Trance to the stark minimal Techno he creates today in the Det Gode Selskab camp, Karl Fraunhofer has a versatile affinity for electronic music. Born in Oslo, Norway and raised on Jazz, Karl had spent his youth learning to play several instruments. After school, he enrolled in a sound engineering course on the opposite end of the world in Australia, where House, Minimal and Techno inspired Karl on a path to the producer and DJ he is today. He came back to Norway armed with this new knowledge and started building an impressive studio, which will leave most green with envy. He became ever more eloquent in his musical vocabulary as experience and perfection combined in across a wide palette of musical genres. The brutalist Techno he made as Dortmund with Florian aka Illstm; the arcade synthwave he culled under his eponymous alias; and the slick minimal Techno and Micro House he makes today with his Gode Selskab compatriots have found themselves on esteemed labels from around the world most notably Teen age riot, Turbo records, Sony Intaly, Vocabula, Ploink, Beatservice and Det Gode Selskab. It’s with the Gode Selskab that Karl has entered into the latest chapter of his career and has found a collective and an outlet that can indulge his extensive musical fancies with remixes and releases dotting the label’s young discography. Today they run a studio together with Karl at the helm of the controls and an arsenal of vintage and modern synthesisers and drum machines, gleaning evocative sounds from the future across a spectrum of creative outlets. Please enjoy this hour of pure music love and dance your way into the weekend!
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