36 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

Ray of Light – Untold Talks of Spider-Man

UNTOLD IS BACK! If you haven’t listened before, this is a great time to hop on as we refresh and move forward, like a Ray of Light! A new co-host! Who? Well hit that play button dear listener and you’ll find out yourself. A new story! The same in-depth dives you love. The web of rankings continues forward, but now might be in flux! It’s a brand new day for the Untold Talks of Spider-Man. This time we’re covering Ray of Light – Tangled Web #10. A teen boy, Jack, is feeling left out of the ‘normal’ life he wants because he constantly needs to stay home to take care of his younger brother, Kasey. Kasey is watching Insectman, a superhero show on TV, when they get into a fight about what superheroes are ‘worth’. And f course, that’s when Spidey and Electro come crashing into their living room and into their lives. Beyond that, we question not only the roles of heroism in this story but in general. In general a lot of spidey goodness. The best new Spider-Man podcast you can listen to this week to wet your beak for excitement and stimulate your mind as you continue about your day.  Don’t wait, make today untold! Links and Such Find links to previous episodes and stay up to date with our current scoreboard of past issues with the:  WEB OF RANKINGS! If you’re looking for an in-depth look at mainstream Amazing Spider-Man stories, check out our parent podcast, AMAZING SPIDER-TALK, subscribe today! If you want to learn how you can support our show and the Amazing Spider-Talk, check out our Patreon Page. Want to join in on the conversation? Join the AMAZING SPIDER-SLACK community board! You can email the show at untoldtalksofspiderman@gmail.com or contact us on our Twitter handle @UntoldTalksSPMN If you want to check out the band behind our awesome theme song, you can check out The Ellie Badge on Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify. The post Ray of Light – Untold Talks of Spider-Man appeared first on Amazing Spider-Talk.
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