122 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Untold Radio AM: Director of the Institute of Theoretical Science. Dr. Stephen Hsu

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On this edition fo Untold Radio AM. We welcome Dr. Stephen Hsu a wide range of fascinating scientific topics are cover with Dr Hsu. This is a truly must hear radio. What if we could genetically profile Bigfoot?! Think of things we could learn about this elusive creature. About Dr. Hsu: Dr. Stephen Hsu
In 1995, he became an assistant professor at Yale University
before moving to the
University of Oregon
in 1998, where he became a full professor of theoretical physics
and Director of the
Institute of Theoretical Science. Hsu's research has focused on a number areas in particle physics
and cosmology , including phase
transitions in the early universe, the ground state of quark matter
at high density, black holes
and quantum information
, minimum length from
quantum gravity , dark
energy, and quantum foundations
. Today he works using
Artificial Intelligence and Genomics at the "Genomic Prediction" Lab to
predict disease amongst other important human traits for IVF. Listen to an
in-depth interview with Stephen HSU, DNA Physicist. Our discussion will
center around Crypto DNA and advancements that may solve such mysteries in
the future.
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