37 minutes | Jan 2, 2020

Ep. 91 Best of 2019

As we approach our 100th episode and the start of a new decade, we are thrilled to share more miracles, more inspiration, and more insights. In this very special episode, we take a look back on all of the best moments from our 2019 season – the moments that made us tear up, burst out laughing, and feel inspired to create miracles.  Listen to this episode and learn: About the top moments and stories from each celebrity guest from the 2019 season. How Rainn Wilson found inspiration in his early career to power through hardship.  What it felt like for Shawn Johnson to stand on the Olympic podium.  What life lessons Howie Mandel has learned from comedy.  Why Adam DeVine was kicked off his first ever movie set.  How Zachary Levi went from suicide to superhero.
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