56 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

Untold - On Location in Cambodia with Travel Writer Nick Ray.

Today’s Untold talks with Nick Ray about Cambodia and a potted history of modern day tourism in this beautiful Country in South East Asia that has been faced with many political challenges and turbulent past in our lifetimes. Nick talks about how first became aware of Cambodia via Blue Peter and following several visits post University made Cambodia a home. Having met his wife Kulikar Sotho who had started a successful and growing tourism business with her mother, that business was Hanuman Tours.  With journalist credentials, aptitude and considerable writing talent Nick managed to secure the first Lonely Planet Cambodia guide and has gone on to write over 50 travel book assignments. Hanuman Tours has grown dramatically over the years and has in place a formidable network of tour operator partners around the globe ensuring that thousands of travelers every year have the best possible experience of their visit to the Kingdom of Wonder!  Nick and Kulikar have also grown a significant film business which from a small scouting trip for a crew of 5 has grown to include Hollywood blockbusters documentaries, adverts, BBC, Discovery and National Geographic assignments. Hanuman Films also produced ‘The Last Reel’ which was Directed by Kulikar and produced by Nick and collected significant plaudits and awards on the festival circuit.    
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