57 minutes | Nov 28, 2020

Untold - Nigel Bolding - International Man of Mystery

Over 55 mins Nigel chronicles his career at the forefront of luxury travel and tourism. Starting off as an advertising sales manager with the Far Eastern Review, Nigel set off to Hong Kong in his mid-20s, covering the full Asia region with advertisers from many industries and key Asian Cities. Quite early on Nigel discovered his element, which was a love from travel and hospitality. Following a brief return to Blighty, Nigel joined Institutional Investor and very quickly became universally known for his role in heading up the Industry Gold Standard, Institutional Investor top 100 list. Nigel launched in earnest Worlds Best Hotels in 2001 utilizing the II survey and additionally went into pubishing with The Chic Collection starting with Mexico Chic managed to grow to as large as 30 different books. For the past number of years Nigel has moved to France and has launched Bolder Travel complete with a very successful blog with interviews with some of travel and hospitality’s bold and interesting leaders around the world.
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