60 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Untold - Beyond Barasti - More wisdom from MIke Scully

For this episode of Untold I am delighted to welcome back Mr Mike Scully. Mike kindly was the first guest in the inaugural episode talking about the history of Barasti bar. The response was tremendous. At the peak, the podcast was being listened to by over 250 people around a day and showing the true global nature of the travel industry had been downloaded in over 103 Cities in the first 3 days and 1,000 downloads in the first week. Post recording Mike and I heard from contacts and people we had not heard from in years and additionally I received scores of emails and questions for Mike that we did not cover in the first episode. This hour answers all these questions and more. During editing I have listened to this episode 4 times and each time have learned additional facts, theories or analogies that I missed initially – the biggest compliment I can play Mike is that I can seldom remember learning as many practical hospitality lessons in a short space of time – from Tiger Woods influence on golf course design, introducing molecular gastronomy to Dubai, the steps he would take to escape brand constraints to optimize a hotel opening in 2020. Enjoy – Beyond Barasti with Mike Scully
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