59 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Untold - Adam Schwab - Bootstrapping Zero to $500m

This episode of Untold is with Melbourne-based travel impresario Mr. Adam Schwab. Adam tells us about some of his early-life entrepreneurial flourishes. Adam also shares how reading the law and his early career as a solicitor provided Adam with a super foundation for business and allowed him to hone his eye for precision and attention to detail which has helped steer the success of many of his businesses. Luxury Escapes emanated from Adam and the co-founders comprehending that their digital marketing consulting business had the potential for bigger baskets and huge growth runway through concentrating efforts intensely on the travel business.  Adam’s colleague Mark headed up Thailand to source product and the first Thailand week of Sales received an incredible response. The Khatatani resort generated a few million $ in new sales and the team had a glimpse into how successful Luxury Escapes had the potential to be. As well as covering new strategic initiatives for the group which include a new hotel marketplace, Adam also shares some business insights, talks about his daily rituals and drivers and covers his passion for philanthropy and how he is passionate about supporting Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs. We also talk briefly about Adam’s book about the global financial crisis called ‘Pigs at the Trough’ and his new Podcast on entrepresunuarship From Zero which is looking to leave a positive legacy namely allowing potential business owners to learn about funding, resources available, potential approaches and ultimately to inspiring them to launch and grow a business. Enjoy Untold with Adam Schwab!
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