23 minutes | Mar 15, 2017

Episode 14: The Motivation Myth

Several weeks ago, while wasting time on Facebook, I came across a video from Mel Robbins, who boldly declared that "Motivation is Garbage".  I admit, I found this statement to be stunning.  The boldness of the statement took me by surprise.  I watched the video, while being skeptical from the beginning.    I eagerly listened to every word offered during the 5 minute clip. Slowly, as a result, I realized that my own perception of motivation was starting to change. As I absorbed the thoughts, one word caught my attention:  decisions.  Time and again, Ms. Robbins referred to the decisions that we make in life.  She spoke of the notion that our lives were a series of decisions, consequently, making us the result of the those decisions.  Upon reflecting, I began to realize that I too had fallen into this trap.  I had slowly allowed these notions to strip away my ability to make decisions in my life.  I am realizing that in the past,  motivation has replaced my self determination. Now, I share with you my reflections of this video, and my changing thoughts regarding this myth.  I explore the constraints that we create for ourselves as we buy into "The Motivation Myth".  I review the various ways we use motivation life, and, most of all, how motivation can ultimately push us to become victims of our own circumstances.  By buying into this construct, we close ourselves into a box..thus limiting our potential.  No More!  Today, I talk about grabbling the bull by the horns, and taking control of our lives.  Finally, we move closer to becoming the person we have always dreamed of. As always, thank you for joining me on this journey.  I look forward to meeting you back for the next episode, as we continue on the path to making our lives everything we want it to be! Link Motivation Is Garbage--YouTube Link
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