66 minutes | Sep 4, 2018

Wind Through The Keyhole- Skin Man (Part 2) & Epilogue

Listeners, this is it! It's time for the very last chapter of coverage of The Dark Tower series, which will be followed up by one more episode of discussion before we wrap on this podcast feed altogether. It's truly the end of an era. The ending to this book was rather surprising, because I expected the Skin Man to be someone we had already met and instead it's someone that doesn't really mean anything to us. Of course, when he transforms in front of them we get to see King's writing shine, because man does he write horror well. So I think I will forgive him. The thing that I'm feeling the most ambivalent about it the whole thing with Roland's mother. I would be interested to hear what you folks think about my and Miles's theories, and whom you agree with. I didn't think about it the way Miles did at all, but for all I know, he may be right. Thank you all so much for sticking with us as we made our way down this twisting road, and we will see you next week with the final episode.
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