87 minutes | Aug 28, 2018

Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 3- Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 2

Hi there you beauties! Miles and I are here with the second-to-last episode of Wind Through The Keyhole, and I'm delighted to inform you that, despite some quibbles about the fact that the Red King has a cameo in this story, I really liked it. Tim Ross carries on past the small community of swamp people, sure that he will be returning this way and that he can repay the kindness they've shown him. They know differently because they're aware the Starkblast is coming, so it's actually kind of heart wrenching to watch him say goodbye. And on top of that, we find out later that the dragon also died, which just seems unfair. The Starkblast is a bastard.Once Tim reaches his destination he has to screw up his courage again to face down an enormous tiger, which it turns out later is totally harmless, and they snuggle down to wait out the storm under the protection of a magical bedsheet, which later carries Tim home again with his bottle of potion to cure his mother. The story does have a rather brutal ending, because Big Kells has come wandering back and cut the Widow Smack's throat while she was sleeping by the fire, but Tim's restored mother sinks her late husband's axe into Kells' head, and we all lived happily ever after. It's overall a pretty satisfying story, but like I said, the mentions of the Red King being trapped on a balcony of the Tower, and of Aslan being in charge of one of the Beams, were really distracting. Whaddayagonnado. They didn't ruin it, just made me stop and say, "Wait, what?" Thanks so much for listening! See you next week!
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