102 minutes | May 22, 2018

The Dark Tower, Part 2- Chapter 12

Hey everyone! So despite my doubts, I am going to attempt to operate under the assumption that Eddie Dean of New York is in fact dead. In that spirit, I chose some artwork this week that depicts him and Susannah when they were at their best, working together as a team. Just ignore the fact that Mordred isn't the only one with creepy, long-ass spider legs, apparently. This was a really good chapter. When I first started reading I was irritated and immediately texted Miles to spout off my frustrations that Eddie indeed seemed to still be alive, but if everything is as it appears, it just takes longer for him to die than you would expect. He finally does pass, under the watchful eyes of his friends, and he gets a chance to say goodbye to all of them which is more than most people get. Susannah is left alone with him to prepare his body for burial while Jake and Roland go deal with the aftermath of the attack. Hilariously, the Can-toi and Taheen are way less trouble to deal with than the Breakers are. The former all seem simply grateful that they're not being killed out of hand, but the latter are upset that something has been taken from them, and they demand some sort of restitution. Jake comes so damn close to losing his temper and killing every last one of them, but instead of execution, Roland opts to let them decide their own fates and trusts that whichever option they choose will wind up being punishment enough. Those two go on without Susannah to save Stephen King, and we will see what comes of it. Thanks for listening, and we will see you next week with 2 more chapters!
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