70 minutes | May 8, 2018

The Dark Tower, Book 7- The Dark Tower, Part 2- Chapters 9 & 10

Miles and I are back with the table-setting chapters that come right before the big battle, and we get to talk to Sheemie more than we've ever gotten to before. It was so lovely to see Sheemie, and it's such a shame that he's in danger because of the teleportation. I don't like seeing any characters I love get sick, but there's something even meaner about it when it's the result of their superpower. Poor Sheemie, all he wants to do is help, but it's the helping that's killing him. It makes me sad. Meanwhile, turns out that Roland is aware of Mordred spying on them the night before, and isn't overly concerned about it at the moment. He seems to feel like there's only so much a giant spider-baby can do to stop them, and he's pretty much certain that Mordred wouldn't want to interfere even if he could. Why not? I have no idea. He just knows. Thanks for listening, and I will see you with a new episode next week!
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