53 minutes | Apr 20, 2018

UNsober! Squad-Cast: E01

It's a momentous day. Today is the first time I will be releasing a podcast that doesn't have anything to do with any sort of media whatsoever, and is instead just a conversation between RoShawn and me. I'm only putting the first episode as wide-release so that everyone can get a sense of it, but from Episode 2 onward they will be an exclusive perk to $20+ Patrons. Here's why I chose that high a tier: RoShawn and I will be splitting all the $20 tier profits 50/50, and adding a whole new show to our recording schedule is no joke so it really needed to be worth our while. This episode is about Being Sick, and it's kind of funny because I start off the episode talking about how I'm not really sick and it's just allergies, but...it turns out I was actually sick and just in denial. RoShawn shares her thoughts on the Neti-Pot, and I read an advice column question that has us both ready to call the cops. Thanks so much for listening! This show will be bi-weekly, so another one will be out on Patreon in a couple weeks and we're open to topic suggestions as well as emails asking for advice! Hope you enjoy the show. :D
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