39 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

16: Systems In Flux: The Hidden Divergent Forces Shaping The Next Generation of Brands, Consumers, and Capitalism

Whether it’s brand, behavior, or culture, the more you dig into the systems that affect our lives the closer you’ll come to a conversation about capitalism. In this house episode, Jasmine and Jean-Louis dig into a curious pattern that's emerging across all kinds of markets, a divergent behavior that’s starting to change the rules of the game for brands and consumers.As part of a larger series exploring how divergent systems are shaping the business landscape, we dig into what divergent systems are, how understanding the gap between goals and incentives can become a powerful tool to predict the success of a business and industry, and how the aging infrastructure of capitalism is creating white space for a new set of values, behaviors, and relationships that may come to define the next generation of brands and consumers.For more brand strategy thinking: https://www.theconceptbureau.com/
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