108 minutes | May 29, 2021

4A – Witches Abroad - Part 1

Episode 4A of Unseen Academicals, discussing the third book in the Witches Series, Witches Abroad (1991), and using it to explore the characterisation of Magrat and her tension with Granny Weatherwax, crises of identity, homoerotic familiars, fairy godmothers, how fairytales shape culture, way too much about Sleeping Beuaty and The Wizard of Oz, a bit of Shrek, and, uh... dildos. Lot's of dildos. Nanny Ogg would be proud (we hope!).The sound on this one is actually pretty good! There's an intermittent thumping sound that shows up now and then, I've done my best to minimise it and I've found speeding up the podcast to 1.2x or 1.5x speed smooths it out a lot. Referenced transcripts: independentresearcher.academia.edu/JoshuaBulleid/Podcasts Contact: unseenacademicalspod@gmail.com Alice's other podcast, Of the Devil's Party: https://ofthedevilsparty.sounder.fm/  Support: patreon.com/doctorprometheuspod   
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