107 minutes | May 1, 2021

3 – Wyrd Sisters

Episode 3 of Unseen Academicals, examining the second book in the Witches Series, Wyrd Sisters (1988), and using it to explore theories of humour, the power of words, Shakespeare, the history of Macbeth, evolving depictions of witches, broomsticks, Black Aliss, vegetarian ghosts, and more!The sound on this on is pretty rough. As Alice and I have alluded to on the previous episodes, recording this one was a bit of an ordeal and I essentially had to stitch it together, Igor style, from three seperate back-up recoridngs that all got weirdly compressed. We're pretty down on this one too, so heads up about that.Referenced transcripts: independentresearcher.academia.edu/JoshuaBulleid/Podcasts   Contact: unseenacademicalspod@gmail.com  Alice's other podcast, Of the Devil's Party: https://ofthedevilsparty.sounder.fm/  Support: patreon.com/doctorprometheuspod  
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