20 minutes | May 15, 2020

"The head will get us out, the heart will get us through"

JD Dantzler, General Manager of Manly Honda, has a simple formula for success: total action, complete focus, and a whole lot of grace. It's these types of philosophies that have helped JD overcome a year of challenges: from the California wildfires that threatened the lives of his employees, to the recent forced shutdowns from COVID-19. But as concerned as he is for everyone's well being on a human level, he can't help but be a bit excited on a business level. JD sees so many positive forces in motion - how much the idea of home delivery is going to excite car shoppers to buy more cars, how better outreach and inclusion for the Latino community can help spur the industry forward. His conversation with CARS Chief Revenue Officer is all about finding the positive forces at play in the toughest of times. Because as JD likes to put it: "without challenge, without problems, we don't grow... this is what we're made for."
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