22 minutes | Jun 4, 2020

"Follow the data, but avoid following bad data off a cliff"

The former president of a coffee importer and a PHD in physics find themselves at a new company on the same team. Are they working to get a cup of french roast to the moon? No; they're looking to connect as many in-market shoppers to qualified car dealers as possible. This is the team that John Thornton, CARS VP of Growth, has built.John is obsessed with building teams that solve complex problems. He is the first to tell you that it's not hard to get your hands on a bunch of data, but you need more than a fair share of creativity and ingenuity to follow the right data to the right conclusions. In this episode, John shares his advice on how to separate qualified shoppers from "Looky Loos," why reducing resources sometimes leads to invaluable data insights, and what steps dealers should be taking to win the local market SEO game. It's an episode that no automotive marketer should miss.
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