30 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Training and Gardening Programs: Digging deeper into food security

In this episode of 54 degrees North, we hear about training and gardening programs in the wider Bulkley Valley region that help make growing food more accessible. 

Interviews with Helene Fleury, Gwininit (Yvonne Lattie), Jennifer Zyp, Jacob Beaton, Dmitri Cody, Scott McMillan, and Lucia Gastiazoro.   

Music thanks to the regionally talented Saltwater Hank and artwork by Facundo Gastiazoro. 

This episode was recorded on unceded Witsuwit’en territory during COVID-19 via Zoom in May and June 2020. 54 Degrees North is produced by Nikki Skuce (@nikkiskuce) and edited with the help of Pam Haasen (@hampaasen). Contact us at 54DegreesNorthPodcast@gmail.com.