20 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

Quali-Tea Time: Celebrating RBG + Talking Gender

Our new segment is called Quali-Tea Time, because we're all about a good play on words. These short bits are going to be focused on our daily flow: what we're up to, how we're feeling, and getting vulnerable about the small day-to-day.Today, Natalie and I celebrate RBG's life. We also share some vulnerable stories about how gender shows up in our careers + our everyday lives (like, on a boat when you're just tryna relax).As always, please reach out if you'd like. We love connecting with y'all. Email us: unpackthepursuit@gmail.com, say hello to us on Instagram: @lifeofoscarwao, @natalieonacki & @jadecole, or send us a tweet on Twitter.
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