35 minutes | Jun 30th 2015

UMA 066: Sport Psychologist Deborah Roche

Dr. Roche started Counseling and Sport Psychology Services in 2007.  She expanded her offices from Westchester to New York City in 2008 and today she offers consulting, individual, and sport psychology services in both locations.  She is a licensed Psychologist with her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She has worked with several organizations including United States Figure Skating, National Football Foundation/National Football League, Division I-III athletics programs and many more. Dr. Roche conducted independent research in eating disorders among athletes, and athlete's emotional response to injury.  In addition she co-authored research with her intern class at UPenn evaluating length of treatment and outcome efficacy.  She co-authored a book chapter with Dr. Doug Hankes on  consultation in college athletics. Quote: Strive for progress not perfection. 2 things to listen for: 1st, Deborah talks about an athlete experiencing performance anxiety when returning to competition after coming off a major injury and 2nd, she explains in detail why becoming a mentally tough athlete is important to your athletic development. Scenario: Deborah explains how an athlete can stay laser focused on accomplishing their game goals after a poor start in competition. Training Round: Deborah details specific visualization techniques an athlete should use while going through rehab. Links: drdeborahroche.com
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