33 minutes | May 3, 2015

UMA 035: Sport Psychology Consultant Brian Baxter

Brian joined the Sport Psychology Institute Northwest as a sport psychology consultant in 2007, and took over as director in 2011.  Brian’s interest in sport psychology bloomed from his background as a high school field goal kicker, college soccer player, and USSF C licensed soccer coach where he found the mental game to be important, but under-taught. He earned his MA in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in California.   Quote: Henry Ford…Anything being possible 2 things to listen for: 1st, Brian talks about the importance of having awareness that a strong mentality is just as important as a strong body and 2nd, he mentions 3 key components to be aware of that will immediately help your mental-game. Scenario: He details certain techniques athletes can use to keep a strong and positive mindset when dealing with a major injury. Training Round: He talks about a technique he teaches his athletes called ‘Filtered Listening’ and he goes into great detail about what that is and how you can use it in any sport. Links: Spinw.com   @SPINW   Book: Sports Mindset Gameplan
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