4 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Jesus Knows My Name

Do you know what your name means? Recently, I looked up my name, Macy. I found out that "Macy" might come from a Hebrew word that means “Gift of Yahweh.” (Yahweh is one of God’s names, and it means I am). I also discovered that the Greek form of the word my name comes from is the same Greek word my brother’s name comes from. So, in a roundabout way, my brother and I have the same name! Cool, right? My family and friends aren’t the only ones who know my name. Jesus, my Savior, knows my name too, as we can see in today’s passages. During His ministry on earth, Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd who “calls his own sheep by name” (John 10:3). We are like the sheep in this parable, and when Jesus said that He loves His sheep so much that He lays down His life for them, He meant it. Jesus let Himself be put to death on a cross to take the punishment our sins deserve. But three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, and the first person He showed Himself to was Mary Magdalene (who was one of His followers). When she was weeping outside the empty tomb, Jesus called her by name. And then He told her to go and tell His other followers the good news! God wants all people to know Him and be saved from eternal death (1 Timothy 2:4). That’s why He sent Jesus! Everyone who acknowledges that Jesus is Lord and believes that God raised Him from the dead will have their name written in the Book of Life (Romans 10:9-13; Revelation 20:11-12). Because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, believers can know with confidence that they are forgiven and will one day be resurrected to live with Him forever. The moment I put my trust in Jesus, His sacrificial blood washed away my sin and my name was inscribed in the Book of Life. There was a party in heaven as “Macy” was added to the long list of God’s children. And just as Jesus said, “Mary,” to the crying woman outside the tomb, He will one day say “Macy” with the same love. • Macy Lee • Read John 20:11-18. Can you imagine Jesus saying your name with love? Take a moment to ponder and talk to God about this. Jesus said to her, “Mary.” John 20:16a (NIV)
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