43 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

389. Braden Weinstock on the Human Operating System Manifesto

Braden is a startup entrepreneur, an action-oriented and strategic operator, and consultant with operational expertise in a broad range of experiences across crypto, hedge funds, software technology (SaaS), commercial real estate, management consulting, luxury retail, and more. In this episode, he discusses his purpose, working with Bridgewater and Knotel, and time management. 

Key points include:

03:06: Braden’s operating value

08:29: The list of operating practices

10:18: Installing and eliminating habits

18:57: Time blocking and deep work

27:47: Texting vs. talking

29:54: Bridgewater and Knotel

Braden can be reached through his website, www.bradenww.com or through LinkedIn

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