19 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

EP 6: How AI, Data Science & IoT Go Hand in Hand w/ Jags Kandasamy

To say that the internet has exploded is a vast understatement. Today, we generate 22 exabytes in 4 hours — which was the size of the entire Internet in 2002.Yet we only use 5-10% of the data we collect. In Episode 6 of #UnleashIT, Jags Kandasamy, Co-founder and CEO at Latent AI, explained the future of data science and the explosion of IoT. We talked about: Making all devices intelligent — even offline. How to become a data hoarder Whether your org needs an AI ops role What constitutes true digital transformation A couple of resources we mentioned during the podcast: "HBR on not waiting to adopt AI" and "The Economist bills data as the new oil". To hear this interview and many more like it, subscribe to the Unleash IT Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or our website.
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