29 minutes | Mar 10th 2021

029: Don Kirkey Connects with Others

On Wednesday episodes, I share leadership beliefs and unlabel terminology. I invite guests to share their expertise about small or big acts of leadership.

In Episode 29, Don Kirkey, an expert in workforce performance improvement, change management, and leadership development, talks about the importance of vulnerability, how you can build credibility by sharing your mistakes, and how crucial celebrations are.

00:00 Prologue: With International Leadership Experience

If you need help strengthening management performance, developing your organization, or managing your workforce, talk to Don. With more than thirty years of international leadership experience, Don knows how to develop employees, including executives and management. When he’s not consulting, he instructs as an associate graduate faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte through the Department of Educational Leadership.

02:36 Part 1: Being vulnerable and getting to know others builds trust and relationships

Don explains that a critical part of trust is being vulnerable. He also shares a story about executives who were encouraged to craft and share their leadership stories.

12:08 Part 2: Sharing your mistakes builds credibility

Don shares a working definition of humility and encourages us to ask for and seek honest feedback.

20:24 Part 3: Celebrations build community, connect events to values, renew commitment, promote social support, and improve everyone’s well-being

In organizations, people should celebrate things we value that advance the business. Whether big or small, celebrations are beneficial for teams.

25:58 Part 4: An Essential Part of Management

To meet your directive to get things done through others, Don advises us to help others improve their capabilities to ultimately lead to success.


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Episode links

Don’s LinkedIn Profile

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Brené Brown The Power of Vulnerability (TED through YouTube)

“True humility is forming a just estimate of oneself” Charles H. Spurgeon, the 19th-century English Baptist preacher, in his sermon Self-Humbling: “True humility is forming a just estimate of oneself” (Sermon no. 748, May 5, 1867, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington, UK).

Jim Collins’ book: Good to Great

Mary Parker Follett: The art of getting things done through people

Gary DePaul's website 

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