25 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

024: Sherrie Niedermeier Connects with Her Teams

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 24, Sherrie Niedermeier illustrates the formidable effect that leadership has through her stories. She discusses the importance of friendship, caring for others, and maintaining congruency between thoughts and actions. 00:00 Prologue: Leading with Care Sherrie is the Chief Learning Design Officer at Human Capital Institute (HCI). If you work for Sherrie, you’ll quickly learn that she has high standards for performance, but she’ll do whatever she can to ensure that you’re successful. Sherrie cares about the people she works with and wants everyone to excel in what they do, both personally and professionally. 01:21 Part 1: Friendships with Direct Reports Sherrie tells a story about a boss at a previous organization. The boss complained to Sherrie that she was too close to her direct reports. 12:57 Part 2: To be a Fear Factor or to Care If you manage a team, do you perceive the negative more than the positive or vice versa? Do you see them as people first and then employees or vice versa? Sherrie conveys a leadership story that relates to these questions. 20:17 Part 3: Striving for authenticity Sherrie advises us to strive for authenticity and explains what that means. _________________________________ How You Can Support the Show Unlabeled Leadership is a free service for people to learn about leadership. If you want to support the show, you can make a $0.99 donation. Your support reduces production expenses. https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/support No transcript available (future enhancement) Episode links Sherrie’s LinkedIn Profile Human Capital Institute (HCI) has excellent resources HCI pages: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Harvard Business Review (HBR) article: How Apple Is Organized for Innovation Gary DePaul's website Gary's books:    What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?    Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership  Background Music You can find all the musical tracks at Envato Elements. 00:00 Theme music: Inspiring Uplifting Corporate by mixer_drummer 01:06 Inspiring & Confident Pop by pinkzebra 12:41 Minimal Happy Corporate by pinkzebra 20:00 There's Hope by Olexandrignatov 23:53 Fun and Flirty by BrownHouseMedia Lead on! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/support
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