34 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

S2E30: The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare

Anti-Semitism is the chief accusation lodged against Shakespeare's difficult comedy The Merchant of Venice, but religious prejudice may be less of an issue in the play than is commonly thought. Truly, the drama's thematic core is a complex endeavor to reconcile law and liberality. Pro tip! If you want to experience The Merchant of Venice for yourself, try listening to an unabridged audio dramatization of the play, like Naxos Audiobooks' production: https://naxosaudiobooks.com/merchant-of-venice-the-unabridged/. Other audio performances are available as well, but I've listened to the Naxos edition and can personally recommend it. I'm Rachelle Ferguson of Kittywham Productions, and Unknown Friends is my weekly book review podcast. Visit the Unknown Friends homepage at www.kittywhamproductions.com/podcast. To learn more about me and my work as a Christian playwright, explore my website at www.kittywhamproductions.com. Help support the podcast and get access to bonus content: www.patreon.com/unknownfriends Get in touch with me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rachelle.ferguson Connect with me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kittywhamproductions Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the podcast, leave a quick review, and share with your book-loving friends!
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