33 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

Season 2 - #10 - Studying Abroad as an LGBTQ+ Student

Join host Nicole as she chats with Christopher Knight, a USAC Alicante, Spain Alumn, who shares his experience studying abroad as a queer, trans student. Christopher discusses how identity can be viewed in global cultures, primarily Alicante, what his experience was being a queer, trans student abroad, and how language and authenticity played a part in opening doors to his current academic and personal endeavors. To learn more about studying abroad as an LGBTQ+ student, check out USAC's Equity and Inclusion resources, and explore more student reflections on the USAC blog. Thank you for listening to Season 2 of Students Beyond Borders. We will be back in July with Season 3 and even more episodes surrounding all things study abroad. Stay tuned! 
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