45 minutes | May 18th 2016

USP10 - Mobilizing Your Street Team with Cassandra Bizzaro

If you’re listening to this on or around its release date of May 18, 2016, you’re likely either heading into, in the middle of, or emerging from the whirlwind of graduation activities that happens around this time of year. And it’s great - you’re looking forward to summer, to maybe some quiet time, some strategic planning time… but in the back of your mind, you know the Fall semester is just around the corner.

So the question is: Are you ready? Do you have your plans into place, your strategies on paper, your students recruited, your campaigns plotted out?

Well, if you’re still cobbling together those puzzle pieces, this session may be finding you at just the right time.

Today I’m talking with Cassandra Bizzaro about recruiting, inspiring and mobilizing student street teams to amplify the reach and impact of your school’s brand. Cassandra is an Assistant Director of Communications at New York University Stern School of Business where she oversees the Undergraduate College social media accounts, new student communications plans, and their student ambassadors, called the Street Team.

Read more about Cassandra's work and get her Snapchat Takeover Guidelines Template at www.cassandrabizzaro.com

Please enjoy my conversation with Cassandra Bizzaro.

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