38 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

12 Secrets to build the career you LOVE and LIVE a legacy

I am super excited to share with you 'career nuggets' from our next guest who shares her remarkable journey from being abandoned as a child by her dad, raised single-handedly by her mum to now creating a life of her dreams. Ladies let me introduce you to Morenike Ajayi (B.sc, M.BA, FCPFA, Prince 2)  a Multiple award winner, a chartered Accountant, Author, Inspirational public speaker, Executive producer and TV presenter of Career Nuggets. She is happily married to Kenny and they have a son. Her life journey is a true testimony of what is possible if you TRULY believe and tap into YOUR greatness! Morenike shares how anyone can shift their identity and create a life you LOVE. She shares her secrets to how to shift your mindset and create a LIFE of purpose irrespective of your background. You will learn how to really make an IMPACT in this life and touch lives. How to find MENTORS and understand your calling? As always please do leave a review and I want this to be a dialogue so join us on at unitedsisters.co.uk   To your continued success, your girl Akoje xxx
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