44 minutes | Jul 16, 2020

11 How to move from a life by default life to life by YOUR design

In this episode, we hear from my dear friend Nana Kagga, a beautiful African queen. Nana has a degree in Chemical engineer but has since gone into the entertainment industry appearing in several Hollywood movies and now producing her own awarding winner series in Uganda!! Nana shares so vulnerably about how she fought to overcome the many expectations placed on her coming from a well-respected traditional African family. She was told go to school, get a good education, learn to look after a home, get married, obey your husband, have kids and SHUT up. Nana has since gone to algin herself to her TRUTH and literally create her life from scratch by DESIGN on her terms based. Ladies, I know this episode will blow you mind as you begin to see anything is possible when you just believe your TRUTH is your path to success. As always please do leave a review and I want this to be a dialogue so join us on at unitedsisters.co.uk   To your continued success, your girl Akoje xxx
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