41 minutes | May 26, 2020

08 Powerful Networking with Bunmi for any industry

Today we hear the power of Networking and asking for you what you want from life. Bunmi Ali shares her journey in KPMG and how she reached Risk Assurance Director at KPMG. She details how to build your social capacity and navigate 'politicking'. She shares the mantra that keeps her living her best life. She details specifically how you do this 'networking thing'... it's incredible how easy it is but yes how difficult it may seem. Conversation starters based FORM family, occupation, recreation and message ... She shares mind hacks that allow her to grow as a leader .... omg this is jam-packed with insane insights on how to skyrocket your career, your business and inevitable your LIFE .. As always please do leave a review and I want this to be a dialogue so join us on private Facebook group United Sisters (US): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2801911126490103/.    To your continued success, your girl Akoje xxx .
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