49 minutes | Mar 4, 2020

05 How to re-invent yourself with our love expert Tina Jesso

In this podcast, Tina Jesso shares after a 30-year successful career in financial services how she has reinvented herself and now is launching her new dating business LoveinSync. In this podcast, you will learn: -how to build a dynamic team  -how to set empowering goals so that you feel pulled and enthused to go after your dreams  - how to find your inner sexy after a breakup, separation or divorce  - how to find love again and live a purposeful life as a go-getter woman I can't wait for you to tuck into this episode as Tina shares her many pearls of wisdom..... enjoy my beautiful ladies xx   As always please do leave a review and I want this to be a dialogue so join us on private Facebook group United Sisters (US): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2801911126490103/.    To your continued success, your girl Akoje xxx
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