33 minutes | Nov 25th 2019

Check In and Blend In with Frank Jaeger

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You can find all the notes and commentary on https://www.younich.com/2019/11/25/check-in-and-blend-in-with-frank-jaeger-unique-careers-unique-lives-podcast-episode-9/

03:53 How he changed his career in his 40’s

06:42 His story of starting the business theatre

10:04 How the movement theatre passion turned into a business

12:10 How he meets people and create connections which turn into business opportunities

15:24 His purpose statement

17:41 Experimenting, checking in and blending in

19:48 What to doubt and what to trust

23:13 Improv principles

If you’d like to connect with Frank, you can find him on LinkedIn.

In this episode we mentioned about Coaching and International Coach Federation (ICF), you can find more information about these on the website of ICF.

Music Credits:

Aspire by Scott Holmes

Cupcake Marshall by Blue Dot Sessions

The Host and Producer

Isil Uysal Calvelli



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