26 minutes | May 21, 2019

3: How do we grade questions?

Welcome to the Unicorn Meta Zoo, a podcast by members of the Stack Exchange community team. If you want to avoid spoilers, jump straight to the audio. Participants We’re talking about whether or not there is such a thing as a bad question and how we might detect one if it exists. Links How is question quality measured in A/B tests? Ask a question template v1 experiment results “Ask a question” wizard prototype Transcript Some users have generously volunteered to transcribe episodes on the podcast wiki. I’m extremely grateful for users who helped fill in most of the previous episode’s transcript: grooveplex ocæon MilkyWay90 Meta It was my turn to host and I think I’m not overly biased when I say that Abby and Juan do a much better job in that role. For one thing, I was pretty anxious that we’d end the recording before we ran out of things to talk about. Not entirely unrelated: I say the word “template” in a weird way. It didn’t make the recording, but Abby started talking to her cat right after we said goodbye. What do you think? Take a listen and respond in the answers below.
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