37 minutes | Nov 12, 2020

Unhoused: On the brink

Stemming evictions is the first step to preventing homelessness, but in light of the pandemic, will it be enough? When an eviction moratorium expired in August and the government’s pandemic-aid spigot closed, Colorado nonprofits and public agencies, including those in Boulder County, mounted a coordinated response to address a looming homelessness crisis. A gusher of donations created an eviction legal defense fund, a rental assistance program and other aid to people struggling to pay utility and food bills. In just three months, 800 households received help in forestalling evictions while thousands more received legal and humanitarian services. Despite the community support and a new eviction moratorium set to expire before the new year, housing risks remain without a resumption of emergency government aid. Listen here or subscribe to the series wherever you get your podcasts. The post Unhoused: On the brink appeared first on Boulder Weekly.
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