253 minutes | Nov 4th 2019

Special Edition -- Jonelle Matthews: Interview With The POI

Jonelle Matthews was a 12 year old from Greeley, CO. She was in the chorus and had an older sister. On December 20, 1984, Jonelle was dropped off at her house after a concert. There was no one home. When her father arrived an hour later, Jonelle wasn't there. She was never seen again. Her remains were found in July 2019--35 years after her disappearance. Charley Project: http://charleyproject.org/case/jonelle-renee-matthews Article: https://coloradosun.com/2019/10/01/jonelle-matthews-greeley-police-murder-cold-case-pankey/ If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jonelle Matthews, please contact the Greeley Police Department at 303-350-9670.
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