35 minutes | Feb 6th 2020

#23: The Power of Being a Guest on Podcasts and How to Get Started - Guest: Kelly Glover

Speaking on podcasts is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your audience and influence online. When you are doing is showing up in front of a warm audience and showcasing your expertise. This audience is “warm” because the host is essentially giving you their stamp of approval. The audience is much more likely to listen to you and become a fan of yours.

Our guest today, Kelly Glover, has over 18 years of experience in media and talent management. She is the founder of The Talent Squad, a company that helps people get booked on podcasts. In this episode, she teaches us why guest podcasting is so powerful, what you need in order to get started, how anyone can get booked regardless of their level of experience, and tips on how to booked.

View the full shownotes at http://unforgettableonlinemarketing.com/23
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