53 minutes | Aug 21, 2021

When We Leave: Afghanistan Tomorrow and Forever.

Operation “Blame the Afghan People” is in full swing. The countdown to us forgetting completely about Afghanistan has also just begun and the media is doing its best to shove a comparative narrative to Vietnam down our throats. Today’s episode explores our national amnesia, examines the Vietnam comparison, talks about what happens when our occupations end and questions the continuation of a wartime military budget.  Resources Peter G. Peterson Foundation: Budget Basics: National Defense The Intercept: $10,000 Invested in Defense Stocks When Afghanistan War Began Now Worth Almost $100,000 World Economic Forum: The story of Vietnam's economic miracle Vietnam Briefing: Vietnam’s Economy, FDI Show Steady Growth but Fourth Wave a Concern The World Bank: The World Bank In Vietnam CTV News: 'Canada left them behind': Afghan interpreters and their families plead to be evacuated from Afghanistan CBC: N.S. veteran unhappy as Taliban retakes control of Afghanistan War On The Rocks: China’s Strategic Assessment of Afghanistan Congress: H.Res.1003 — 116th Congress -- If you like #UNFTR, please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts: unftr.com/rate and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @UNFTRpod. Visit us online at unftr.com. Buy yourself some Unf*cking Coffee at shop.unftr.com. Subscribe to Unf*cking The Republic on Substack at unftr.substack.com to get the essays these episode are framed around sent to your inbox every week. Check out the UNFTR Pod Love playlist on Spotify: spoti.fi/3yzIlUP. Visit our bookshop.org page at bookshop.org/shop/UNFTRpod to find the full UNFTR book list. Access the UNFTR Musicless feed by following the instructions at unftr.com/accessibility. Unf*cking the Republic is produced and engineered by Manny Faces Media (mannyfacesmedia.com). Original music is by Tom McGovern (tommcgovern.com). The show is written and hosted by Max and distributed by 99. Podcast art description: Image of the US Congress ripped in the middle revealing white text on a blue background that says, "Unf*cking the Republic."See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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