7 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

127 - What are the benefits of hiring a CPA?

On this episode, my guest, Biz Money Coach Meg K. Wheeler, discusses the benefits of hiring a CPA for your small business.

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Today on the podcast we're answering the question "What are the benefits/pitfalls of hiring a tax strategist versus a CPA?"

What is a tax strategist?

Tac - have a cpa or tax lawyer like Braden

You don'tneed to be a cpa or tax lawyer to provide tax returns

When should you hire a cpa?

Difference between cpa and enrollment agent?

Beyond tax prep, you should hire a CPA anytime you want to understand how to maximize your business operations. For example, when you start selling more and making more money, should you consider becoming an s corp. Anytime you're doing anything different like expanding into more states, changing up your product lines, selling internationally, or even if you are just starting out.  A one hour conversation can sometimes give you what you need for the next 6 months to a year. 

Look for a CPA that has tax expertise, not all of them do. 

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