36 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

122 - How much you need to pay yourself

On this episode, I chat with Keina Newell, financial coach and owner of Wealth Over Now, about all things money and how to begin determining how much income you need to bring home in order to support the lifestyle you want.


As a financial coach, Keina helps people create new possibilities with money by saving more, paying down debt, stress less and be in control of your finances instead of your finances being in control of you.


The Money Series continues as we discuss how much to pay yourself in your business, how to create a spending plan you can stick to and chat aspirational dream budgets.


Anyone can open a spreadsheet and enter their numbers. Keina goes beyond the spreadsheet to discuss goals, budgeting and spending habits. The Wealth Over Now owner answers the question - what are your "stake in the ground" issues about money?


In this episode Keina also shares the secret to balancing and prioritizing savings and paying down debt. The good news is, you can save money and pay down debt at the same time - it does not need to be either/or!


Get ready to learn what expenses you can cut to save money and how to kick off creating your spending plan!

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